The Skin

Function of the Skin

The skin is the body’s largest organ, covering the entire outside of the body and on adult weighs approximately three kilograms. The skin protects the body against heat, light, injury and infection. The skin stores water, fat and vitamin D. It also gets rid of waste substances through the sweat glands. This organ can sense painful and pleasant stimulations. The skin has many functions such as regulation of body temperature, immune response, excretion of waste and protection of the underlying tissues.

Characteristics of the Skin

The skin’s characteristics vary throughout the body (thickness, colour, texture). For example, the head contains more hair follicles than anywhere else, while the sole of the feet contain none. The soles of the feet and the palms of the hands, due to continuous use, have much thicker layers of skin to give greater protection.

Lesions of the Skin

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Treatment Options

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Patient Cases

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  Who could believe that skin cancer can be cured with eggplant? It's a miracle! I'm a total believer, and I love Curaderm. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.  

  The process was simple-but not without pain. After the treatment period, the area where Curaderm was applied was clean and the nose looks well again. You need to de determined and persistent. Curaderm will work.  

  Dear Dr Cham, you are a genius and a saint. This cure has changed my life, not only for treating my BCC better that I had imagined, but for putting me back in touch with myself. I had grown accustomed to following the herd. Curaderm has taught me, once again, to think outside the box, and seek the truth that is best for me as an individual. Your cure is a breakthrough of such magnitude. The people who I have told this story to do not believe me! I thank you for this product and extend my sincerest gratitude to you. Everyone I come in contact with on this topic will know of CuradermBEC5. Thanks again.  

  Several months ago I ordered your product. I had 5 different spots on the back of my left hand and one spot on outside of my left eyebrow and two on my forehead. They are all gone and completly cured. My dermatologist could not believe his eyes when I went to a my appointment. I had an appointment with him in Jan 06 which I had rescheduled for March 10, 06. In Jan 06 he had said I have some more kerotis, basal cell and sequamus that needed to be treated ASAP. I have a number of painfully produced scars, on me. from surgery. And I have had that liquid nitrogen treatment more times than I can remember. And I have spent a lot of money over the years on dermatology. I was somewhat skeptical when a friend told me about your product but I ordered it anyway. This product is amazing!!!  

 I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on my nose. It manifested as a couple of small bumps that would occasionally bleed after washing my face. I had read about the Curaderm-bec5 cream years ago and remembered it. Thus, when my dermatologist said that the only two treatment options were surgery and radiation, I researched the Curaderm treatment based on Dr. Cham's book. Impressed with its efficacy and ease of treatment, I decided to give it a try. The cream is applied to the lesions twice daily after washing. Then, the affected area it is covered with skin tape. The active ingredient permeates the cancerous cells and destroys them while leaving the normal cells alone. After a short while, the treatment site expands. This is normal as some of the cancerous cells are spread under the skin's uppermost layer. But, eventually, these cells are destroyed and the healing continues until the site is free of the cancerous cells. My experience has mirrored what I read about in my research. I will continue with the treatments until the area is completely healed. In the worst cases, this took 3 months. Keep the cream refrigerated. It is to be used sparingly. I will have more than enough to treat my small spot. It is effective on squamous and basal cell skin cancer but not melanoma. 

  I had numerous sunspots on my hands and arms. So far, I have treated sixteen spots. They are all completely healed except for four. Those four are almost gone as well. During treatment the spots did look really nasty. But now, you cannot, at all, tell where the healed sunspots were and there is NO scaring. I am amazed with your product and would recommend it to those who have sunspots. Thank you!  

  Dr. Cham recommends that you consult a dermatologist for a diagnosis before using his product and to monitor your progress. His cream is very cheap compared to conventional treatment. Knock-off versions of the eggplant cure may be available online, but I suggest that you buy the tested product from him if you want to try it. If anybody deserves our support, it is this persistent and dedicated man who very well may hold the key to solving at least one part of our looming health care crisis.  

  I had squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer) on my face. Was scheduled for MOHs surgery. Cancelled the surgery appointment to try the eggplant cure method. I saved thousands of dollars and have no scars after using the eggplant cure. My skin cancer is gone. Thanks to Bill Cham.  

 For me Curaderm BEC5 was very effective and cured my basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. I was sceptical about the claims made of BEC5 at first, but I am extremely happy with the outcome of the treatment, and I wonder why this fantastic treatment isn't available worldwide as it's cheaper than 'traditional' treatments and seems to be more effective.