We believe that humanity can and should be cured of skin cancer without the use of expensive, invasive, ineffective and toxic treatments.

BEC penetrates the skin tissue and moves its way around the healthy cells to find the cancer infected cells. Once these cells are located the two BEC actives are activated to perform their duties. The first active contains a receptor that has the “key” to enter the cancer cell. Once inside, the second active locates the “stomach” of the cell and explodes, immediately killing the cancer cell.

Curaderm.eu is proud to announce that 30 years of unparalleled commitment to research and development in skin cancer treatments and their delivery systems has resulted in the creation of the exclusive state of the art anti-cancer treatment CuradermBEC5.

Our Secret

All other anti-cancer drugs kill cells by interfering with mitosis, the process through which cells divide and replicate. Cancer cells undergo mitosis much more frequently than normal cells, so killing all dividing cells causes the death of many more cancerous than normal cells. Unfortunately, a huge limitation is that these drugs kill not only cancer cells, but also normal cells while they are dividing.

BEC’s mechanism of action is different which allows it to kill cancer cells, and only cancer cells, regardless of whether they are dividing or "resting". Cancer cells have large numbers of a specific receptor on their surface that recognizes and binds BEC, which is then drawn inside the cancer cell and taken up by its "stomach" (lysosome). When the lysosome digests BEC, solasodine is generated and causes the lysosome to rupture, spilling its contents—digestive enzymes—into the cell. The cancer cell's own digestive enzymes then proceed to digest the cell, causing its death through apoptosis (more like an organized disassembly process than a death). The fact that BEC kills cancer cells by triggering the natural process of apoptosis is key to its elegance. BEC preserves the natural healing processes for rebuilding the normal tissue that was lost to the cancer.

Normal cells either completely lack this receptor or have only an extremely small amount of it, so BEC cannot attach to normal cells.

CuradermBEC5 Cream

CuradermBEC5 is a topical cream formulation containing a mixture of solasodine glycosides, active phytochemicals extracted from eggplant that selectively kill cancer cells without harming normal cells.

US$144.00 / €137,00

CurasolBEC Sunscreen

CurasolBEC is a borad spectrum SPF30+ sunscreen containing the anticancer BEC and anti-free-radicals components. BEC also kills cancer cells in their early stages of development.

US$25.00 / €24,00

CuradermAA Collection

CurasolAA contains verifiable anti-ageing ingredients in combination with BEC anti-cancer glycoalkaloids to create the ultimate skin care products that have the properties of skin cancer prevention and skin anti-ageing in one.

US$120.00 / €114,00

  Every year there are more new cases of skin cancer than there are breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer, combined. Sadly, the vast majority of individuals that acquire these cancers are typically exposed to conventional treatment that uses the “cut, poison and burn” approach. Thankfully, Dr. Cham provides a safe, effective and relatively inexpensive natural alternative to the standard model.  

  Perfection or near-perfection is rare in any area of medicine. Dr. Cham has found substances which can penetrate and kill cancer cells but can’t penetrate normal cells, so normal cells are untouched and unhurt while the cancer cells die! If anyone deserves a Nobel Prize in Medicine, its Dr. Bill E. Cham.  

  Professor Cham’s research can change the treatment of cancer in a fundamental way. Despite hundreds of billions of dollars spent on research and drug development, cancer therapy still depends on cutting and poisoning. What can’t be cut away is poisoned with radiation or cytotoxic drugs. To overcome this problem, biotechnology companies are attempting to develop drug delivery systems that preferentially transport cytotoxic poisons into malignant cells rather than healthy tissues. Such a system already exists in nature. Its discovery required careful observation, extensive scientific investigation, and an enduring commitment to finding natural, nontoxic alternatives to conventional chemotherapy.  

  CuradermBEC5 is extremely effective and the observed clinical cosmetic effects are incomprehensible! CuradermBEC5 is ideally suitable for cancer patients. The cosmetic results after CuradermBEC5 treatment are comparable to the results after surgical and reconstructive treatments, but in cases such as localised tumour on the face, CuradermBEC5 is the treatment of choice. Treatment with CuradermBEC5 is effective and works very fast amongst oncological patients with large tumours, there are no complications, treatments are very selective and destroy cancerous tissues only.  

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